Engine Lifting Kit

This is the equipment that i bought to take the MGB engine and gearbox out.

  1. 1 ton folding crane
  2. 500kg engine stand
  3. Engine lifting leveller
  4. Bar to bolt on to rocker studs with lifting holes

The whole kit is only a couple of months old at time of writing this and only used twice – engine out and engine back in. I had the jib out on it’s longest reach which reduces it’s lifting capacity to 250kg which was still ok for the MGB engine and gearbox with all the bits on plus oil etc. When i first took the weight of the engine and box i lifted them just a few inches and then added my own weight to check all ok before taking it higher.

From what i found on the internet the engine and gearbox plus all the bits still on weighs about 220/230kg.

Currently all for sale as a job lot at a bargain price.