Stronger ARB Brackets

I recently refitted the Ron Hopkinson rear Anti Roll Bar as it had been removed by a previous owner although he left the other half of the Handling Kit – the 7/8″ front ARB – on the car. I had read that the 7/8″ front ARB on its own can promote understeer (as with the 3/4″ ARB) and that the rear ARB encourages oversteer instead. Apparently if you lose control best to lose the rear than the front – not that I drive like that!!

Anyway on fitting the lower brackets I noticed that they had been welded up as if the lugs had broken off (see top photo) which I was a bit unhappy about being a potential weakness. I bought some 8mm plate (instead of the original 5mm) and made some replacements. Because of the thicker plate I made the lower droplink hole 1mm bigger to maintain the same angular movement of the droplink from the ARB with the thicker plate.

All fitted fine with some minor filing and feel a lot more confident that the lugs will not come detached again. Also it kept me occupied a good day and a half hacksawing my way through the 8mm plate but- had plenty of rest and tea breaks. Also my now 30 year old mig welder still worked well for the bit of welding required as well.