Under Dash Classic Car Sound Insulation

I fitted this insulation a year or so back and never really tidied up the cut ends – not that they are really seen a lot. With a bit of spare time at the moment thought it would be a good job to finish off.

Using black carpet tape i carefully taped up the raw edges of the 20mm thick self adhesive insulation. Not as easy as it sounds due to accessibility but got there in the end. I did both the passenger and drivers foot wells as can be seen in the pics.

Theoretically the insulation being quite thick and pretty well surrounding the whole top, ends and centres of each foot well should make quite a difference. MGBs are renowned as not the quietest of cars and I always remember first time i drove the car how noisy it was. When i think back to that the insulation has certainly made an improvement.

See…… https://mgb.tips/2019/03/10/interior-sound-insulation/ about my original sound insulation project.