H3 LED Spotlight Bulbs

I have already replaced the 55w headlight bulbs with 40w led bulbs. Now replaced the 50w spotlight bulbs with 10w led bulbs. Many of the led type bulbs available are too long and hit the glass front – these bulbs were the shortest i could find (still longer than the originals) and fit well (you can find them on eBay).

The benefit with the led headlight bulbs i fitted a while ago to the main headlights provide a massive amount of extra light. The benefit from these led spotlight bulbs will provide the same light for a lot less power so overall i am not increasing the load on the lighting circuits.

Well that’s the plan! I’ve had these spotlights in a drawer for over a year waiting to be fitted – the reason for the delay is that I am not sure whether they spoil the lines / styling of the car!

So now i have all the bulbs sorted so that i should not overload the wiring i will fit the spots and see!